This  cushion model  has been got its name  from fixing method. Fixed with the help of the screws on to the seat and becomes  as whole  together base. Could be applicable fabrics for fix cushion Genetic, Capitone, Antelop, Pandora and Ferrari Stamskin.


Products with Applicated Cushions

71-UrbanBronzwithcushion.jpg Xsera-S
trio-fixed-cushion.jpg Trio-S
toro-rattan-fixed-cushion.jpg Toro-S Rattan
heraSPrattan-fixed-cushion.jpg Hera-SP Rattan
hera-kfix.jpg Hera-K
hera-sfix.jpg Hera-S
opera-kfix.jpg Opera-K
Opera-S.jpg Opera-S
mambo.jpg Mambo
Eden-K-1.jpg Eden-K
Eden-S-1.jpg Eden-S